IE Study Tours of Europe


Subject Study for the status of total yearly working hours and its future direction in European corporations
Leader K. Tokunaga (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Participants 19 p.
Countries Visited France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain


Subject Study for the competitiveness of excellent company in Europe
Leader K. Naruse (Toshiba Corp.)
Participants 15 p.
Countries Visited France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland


Subject Study for the restructuring in Germany Corporations
Leader M. Tachibana (NEC Corporation)
Participants 16 p.
Countries Visited Germany


Subject Study for the High-Tech Strategy in French Corporations
Leader K. Ando (Shibaura Institute Technology)
Participants 14 p.
Countries Visited France


Subject Study for the corporate strategy of excellent company in Europe to survive in Mega-Competition
Leader N. Hatayama (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Participants 13 p.
Countries Visited Sweden, Netherlands


Subject Study for how to make for European company in the era that attaches importance to global environment
Leader S. Kamimura (NEC Corporation)
Participants 11 p.
Countries Visited France, Netherland, Germany