IE Study Tours of USA

(Attending to the Annual International Industrial Engineers Conference)


Subject Study for the role of Industrial Engineering in revival of manufacturing
in North America
Leader Y. Takeshima (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.)
Participants 20 p.
Countries Visited Canada, USA, Mexico


Subject Study for the activity and state of BPR(business Process Reengineering) in USA
Leader K. Nezu (Yokogawa Research Institute Corp.)
Participants 24 p.
Countries Visited USA (GA, TX, MI, OH, IN, NY)


Subject Study for the strategy and secret of competitiveness of new excellent company
in USA
Leader T. Ono (NKK Corp.)
Participants 21 p.
Countries Visited USA (IL, WI, MN, TN, CA)


Subject Study for the quick responce for the changing customer’s needs in USA
Leader K. Nezu (Nezu Consulting Co.,Ltd.)
Participants 16 p.
Countries Visited USA (MN, MI, OH, CA)


Subject Study for BPR activity of sararied staffs and role of IE in USA
Leader T. Okihashi (Nissan Motor, Co.,Ltd.)
Participants 18 p.
Countries Visited USA (FL, SC, NC, NY, MI)


Subject Study for the strength of speed-up management in North American companies
Leader S. Yamaguchi (Toshiba Corp.)
Participants 15 p.
Countries Visited Canada (Alberta, Ontario), USA (MI, CA)


Subject Study for the application status of IT(Information Technology) in Autofact
and American Companies
Leader M. Oku (Bridgestone Corp.)
Participants 5 p.
Countries Visited USA (TX, MI)


Subject Study for the production innovation of American companies
Honorary Leader Y. Suzuki (Chairman of JIIE, NEC Corp.)
Leader K. Igarashi (NEC Corp.)
Participants 11 p.
Countries Visited USA (WI, AZ, CA )


Subject Study for the status of Supply Chain Management(SCM) in US
Leader K. Matsushima (Gifu-keizai University)
Participants 10 p.
Countries Visited USA (MI, CA)


Subject Study for the new trend of manufacturing in next generation
Leader K. Matsushima (Musashi University)
Participants 8 p.
Countries Visited Canada(Toronto), USA(MI, CA)