Greeting from Chairman of JIIE

Hiroaki Nakanishi
Chairman of The Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering
Executive Vice President and Executive Officer of Hitachi, Ltd.

In the 47th ordinary general meeting on May 18th, 2005, I was selected and appointed as the chairman of the JapanInstitute of Industrial Engineering (JIIE) succeeding Mr. Yamamoto, former chairman. I am determined to strive hard for the development of JIIE and spread of IE. I would like to ask additional guidance and cooperation from all of you, particularly the members of JIIE and concerned bodies in various regions, JIIE officers and academics.

The industrial world of Japan has experienced drastic changes for the past few years and overcome many obstacles. While China with opening market policy has been gaining power on center stage of the world economy, Japan has got out of its economic slump following the burst of the bubble economy. These things had a synergetic effect and accelerated the globalization and borderlessess of the markets even more than ever.

When we look at many excellent companies that have overcome such waves of changes, we can find that they have consistently “run their business as holding firm on Monozukuri (manufacturing)” in common. They have the business attitude that they simply strive to achieve their targets as faithfully following “the original concept of Monozukuri (manufacturing)” which is to provide products of competitive quality and cost required by market in required volume when required. We can say that the companies that have constantly updated their scheme of work or structure as steadily promoting to develop human resources who are engaged in Monozukuri (manufacturing) have established current Japan of Monozukuri (manufacturing). This fact will never change in future. Recently, many Japanese companies that are recovering have returned to the original concept of Monozukuri (manufacturing) and reacknowledge its importance. Such a corporate environment is the very reason why we proclaim “IE, now.” This is not because IE is a “method” or “technique” but it is the “view, concept and behavior to create reformation of Monozukuri (manufacturing).”

While we are surely executing FY2005 business plan that was settled in the general meeting, we believe that many companies will take up “utilization of IE” to greatly contribute to the growth of companies in Japan that is working out “evolving Japan of Monozukuri (manufacturing).” I aspire to such evolution as working with all of you.

Finally, we thank the former chairman, Mr. Yamamoto of Toshiba, for his four-year contribution to JIIE and conclude my inaugural address.