Outline of JIIE

The Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering

The Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering (JIIE) was established in 1959 in order to facilitate sound development of Industrial Engineering (IE) and improvement of corporate productivity in Japan.
The Institute has been helping member corporations to improve the productivity and modernize management through steady activities such as educational, training programs and research based on industrial-educational cooperation related to industrial engineering.
Industrial Engineering in Japan has been developed mainly in production sectors.
However, as business background changes, the Institute aims to expand the scope of industrial engineering activities to cover all aspect of industrial functions from whole process of production to management level. The Institute has been developing its activities with all out efforts to involve every industry including construction, transportation and tertiary industries as well as manufacturing industries.
The membership of the Institute numbers nearly 300 Corporations and 700 Engineers.


The 1st
Shigeki Tashiro (President, Toyo-Rayon Corp.)
The 2nd
Toshio Doko (President, Toshiba Corp.(Honorary Chairman of the Federation of Economic Organization Japan))
The 3rd
Koji Kobayashi (President, NEC Corp.)
The 4th
Shoichi Saba (President, Toshiba Corp.)
The 5th
Yutaka Kume (President, Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.)
The 6th
Tsutomu Kanai (President, Hitachi, Ltd.)
The 7th
Yoshihiro Suzuki (Senior Executive Vice President, NEC Corp.)
The 8th
Tetsuya Yamamoto (Senior Advisor, Toshiba Corp.)
The 9th
Tadao Takahashi (Vice President, Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.)
The 10th
Hiroaki Nakanishi (Vice President, Hitachi, Ltd.)
The 11th
Nobuhiro Endo (President, NEC Corp.)


CHAIRMAN Nobuhiro Endo (President, NEC Corp.)
HONORARY CHAIRMAN Hiroaki Nakanishi (President, Hitachi, Ltd.)
VICE CHAIRMEN Naoto Nishida (Senior Executive Managing Director, Toshiba Corp.)
VICE CHAIRMEN Hidetoshi Imazu (Executive Vice President Director, Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd)
VICE CHAIRMEN Junji Yasui (Senior Executive Vice President, NEC Corp.)
VICE CHAIRMEN Keiji Kojima (Vice Presidents and Executive Officers, Hitachi, Ltd)
VICE CHAIRMEN Yasushi Ota (Vice President and Senior Officer, Bridgestone Corp.)
DIRETORS 49 ersons
AUDITORS 2 Persons